At Larian, interns who join our company will have a unique opportunity to learn and grow in a supportive and dynamic environment. You can expect to be fully immersed in our team and use your voice to influence our projects and share your creativity, just like any other team member.

Through close collaboration with our senior professionals, interns will develop a deep understanding of the gaming industry and gain practical skills that will serve as a strong foundation for their careers.

Working with our team, you will have the chance to experience the process of working with our own proprietary engine and unleash the full potential of your creativity.

Pro-tip: We're always on the lookout for great talent to join our team, and there might be an opportunity for you to continue with us after your internship period!


How was your experience as an intern with us?

My internship allowed me to "level up" everything I had learned as a foundation in school. The Larian team led me to reaffirm my choice of specialization and reach a level of potential that I wouldn't have even believed possible at that time. It was also the first time I received so much feedback, and it was so relevant. Just learning how to accept that, it made me grow immensely.

David Gougeon

Student of Video Game Creation, Art Concentration at UQAT


How was your experience as an intern with us?

The autonomy offered to me to solve certain situations by proposing an action plan and being told "go for it" with some guidance, is truly not something you find everywhere! It's also enjoyable to have some free time and to suggest ideas and concepts that I would like to delve into, and for the person responsible for my internship to take that time with me to explain it well. It's not for nothing that I'm really trying to stay with Larian, especially early in my career like this. I believe it's truly the best place for me to be, and I can really see myself growing with the company.

Alex Dubeau

Student of Programming at Quebec 42


We also have a strong history of hiring interns on a full-time basis beyond the internship period.

Fun fact, some of our current leaders joined Larian on internships, many moons ago!

Gert-Jan van de Put

8 years with the team!

Gert-Jan started with us 8 years ago as a Digital Arts and Entertainment student at our studio in Ghent, Belgium. He is now in charge of shaping the 3D environment of our game in our art team as our Lead 3D Environment Artist.

Gert-Jan van de Put

Lead 3D Environment Artist



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If you don't find an answer to your question here, please don't hesitate to contact us directly!

Do I need to be in college/university to apply for an internship?

We often hire interns who are currently pursuing their education, but we also consider individuals who are seeking work opportunities after graduation. The specific criteria for the intern position will be listed in the job description.

Do I need to have a portfolio?

Yes, having a portfolio with examples of projects, assets, code samples, or any relevant work will significantly strengthen your application. It provides tangible evidence of your skills and capabilities, allowing us to better assess your qualifications and potential fit for the internship position.

What should I expect from an internship with Larian?

Being an intern at Larian means actively participating in ongoing production and receiving guidance along the way. You will closely collaborate with your team members, receiving regular feedback and guidance to help you further develop your skills and expertise in the craft.

I'm international to all Larian locations. Can I still be considered for an internship?

Generally, we prioritize internships for candidates local to the studio location. However, in some cases, we do consider international interns. If international internship opportunities are available, they will be specified in the job description.

Is there an opportunity to stay on beyond the internship?

Larian has a strong history of hiring interns on a full-time basis beyond the internship period. In fact, some of Larian's current leaders started their journey with the studio as interns many years ago. So, there is definitely an opportunity to continue with Larian beyond the internship if the fit is right.

When during the year does Larian offer internships?

We offer internships year-round! To stay updated on internship opportunities, we recommend creating a job alert related to the specific position you are interested in. This way, you will receive notifications when relevant internship positions become available.

How long would the internship last?

The length of the internship can vary depending on your program requirements and personal circumstances. We have had candidates join us for both short-term and long-term internships in the past. The specific duration of the internship can be discussed and determined during the application and interview process.

What will happen with the information I submit?

The information you provide in your application will be used solely for the purpose of reaching out to you if you are selected. We are committed to protecting your privacy and will not share this information with any third party. We will also not retain your information for longer than necessary.
For more information on our compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you may access our GDPR compliance notes [here].

Will I need to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?

Yes. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a contract by which one or more parties agree not to disclose and make public confidential information that has been shared between those parties as a necessary part of their interactions.