Become a playtester



At Larian Studios, we highly value the feedback and opinions of our player community to improve the game we currently have in development. By joining our playtester program, you'll gain the power to influence the way our titles evolve. Playtesters get a firsthand look at some of the biggest games we have in production (some of which might be unannounced!). You will be given exclusive rewards like free games and merchandise just for providing your opinions. It's also important to know that if you join us for an extended playtest (see below), you will be paid to play our games and provide feedback.

All you need is:

  • A love for RPGs
  • Fluent reading and writing comprehension in English
  • Willingness to commit to at least one full day of in-person playtesting at one of our offices
  • The ability to provide clear and concise feedback
  • Commitment to a non-disclosure agreement








So, what does a typical playtest at Larian Studios look like? We’re glad you asked! Although we offer different types of playtests, the goal is always the same: We want to give you the chance to check out and provide feedback on our games, both released and unreleased, so we can better understand how real players experience them.

Here are the two most common playtesting sessions we offer:


Extended Playtest

Extended playtests collect your feedback over multiple days to help us learn how you interact with our games over an extended period of time. These take place over multiple weeks and are paid contracts.


Focus Group

A focus group is a group discussion where a researcher or moderator will ask each member of the group to contribute and share their thoughts and experiences about a particular feature. Focus groups typically last only one day, and rewards for participating will vary depending on the region.

Now What?

  • 01

    SIGN UP! This will add you to our list of people who will be contacted as soon as we have new opportunities.

  • 02

    Once we have a playtesting session ready, we'll email potential candidates about the opportunity.

  • 03

    If you are interested and reply back, we'll schedule a quick online meeting with our team to discuss the details of the playtest and your availability.

  • 04

    If everything aligns, you will be required to sign a contract/NDA. (Check our FAQ section below for more information about this.)

  • 05

    Time to play! We'll be waiting for you at the studio for an in-person playtesting session, where you can share your feedback with our team.



If you don't find an answer to your question here, please don't hesitate to contact us directly!

Will I be compensated?

Yes! Rewards for participating in playtests will vary depending on the region and the length of the playtest. They can include cash, gift cards, game keys, and merchandise.
The specific details of your rewards will be provided in your confirmation email.

Who is eligible to sign up?

We're looking for players of all backgrounds, abilities, and skill sets. No prior experience is required.

Are there any age restrictions to participate?

Anyone over the age of 18 can participate.

Who is your ideal playtester?

We're looking for people who:
Are vocal about their opinions, whether positive or negative;
Are driven to contribute to the experience of our games;
Want to try out our games before their release.

Will I need to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?

Yes, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a contract by which one or more parties agree not to disclose or make public any confidential information that has been shared between those parties as a necessary part of their interactions.

How do you select playtesters?

Playtesters are selected based on the kind of content we want feedback on. Once we evaluate what kind of feedback we need, we reach out to applicants who best fit our desired profile for that playtest. If selected, you will receive an email and we’ll provide you with the date, time, and all other necessary information for a successful playtesting experience.

What’s going to happen with the information I submit?

Any information you provide in your application will be used strictly for building our playtester groups and will not be shared with any third party or kept for extended periods of time without your consent.
You may access our GDPR compliance notes here.